Data Science

We give you an all-in-one data science dashboard to run your queries in the cloud.

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You are presented with an overview of all the plugins you are using at this moment. For webshops plugins can be useful to categorise products. we will categorise all your products within the different catagories. An example for a media plugin is an article popularity plugin. Based on the interests, location, personality... of your visitors we can predict how successfull an article will be.

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The marketplace presents an overview of all available plugins of all the companies that are using Taglayer. You also have the option to request a custom plugin. Some plugins can be used for free, you can download these immediately. Other plugins are available on a monthly subscription basis. You will see the name, description, price, the amount of installations, type, version and author of each plugin.

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In the data section you can create datasets and download them later in a CSV file. This CSV file allows you to perform your own research on it. You may also combine it with other datasets. You can download for example all business visits and push them to your CRM system. Another example is to download all interests from your visitors in a specific area. This can be useful for online and offline marketing purposes.

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