Personalisation Framework

There is an online revolution happening. Website personalisation is becoming essential for your business.

before personalisation
After personalisation

After personalisation

This is the website tailored to the needs of your visitors. Your visitors will now see a relevant website. The result of this relevant website is an increase in conversion, an increase in sales and an increase in retention.

Before personalisation

Everybody is presented with the same black and white website. You will only have a few visitors who are interested in all of these subjects. Your website offers more content and you want to show the right content to the right visitor.

What can I personalise on my website


Football, Computer Science, Healthy Food, Comic Books, Economics, ..


Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism


Gender, Age, Level of Education, Language spoken, Currencies, Location


Current temperature, Snowy, Rainy, Heat wave, ..

Customer Journey

Conversions, Watched video's, Buttons clicked and other actions

And More!

Time and date, Browser, OS, Referrals, Device Type and more!


The average brand already spends 14% of its entire marketing budget on personalisation.


When using personalisation, the visitor conversion rates will increase up to 53%.


77% of marketers believe real-time personalisation is crucial for their business.

Content editor

The editor will give you the option to personalise the website yourself or it will give you some suggestions to personalise articles or products automatically.

Overview screenshot

Automatic and manual layers

Layers contain data about the type of visit and/or visitor. It indicates the big division between your audiences. You can display a different page to each group. The first time you use Taglayer to personalise your website, we will suggest the most likely layers. An overview of all layers can be found/searched in the header of the Editor.

Create screenshot

Create new layers

You just keep producing content for your website and Taglayer will give it a million faces, also known as layers. Layers can be created in less than 1 minute. You can add as many layers as you want. While you create a new layer, you can add tags, like weather or a specific interest. You will instantly see the estimation of daily visits the specific layer will get.

Manage screenshot

Manage and edit your layer

You can edit every layer and change between layers to set: new images, a different order or style of buttons, text... Thanks to the layers, your website can show a different page per interest, e.g. marketing, technology, cooking... By editing a layer every web page is customised and personalised to the needs of your visitors.

Details screenshot

Get detailed layer insights

With layer insights, you can see which specific areas of the webpage are viewed the most. This is shown through heat maps. You can see how people really use your website. The heat map will detect the moves of the mouse pad. As a result, you know exactly where to place certain buttons, images and/or text. Based on how people use your website, we can suggest other relevant personalisation aspects.

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