About us

Enabling all marketers to create amazing customer experiences without code

Our mission

We believe that everyone has their own passions and qualities. Marketers often have brilliant ideas that they can’t implement themselves because they lack development skills. This often results in frustrations, high costs, and a lot of resources needed. Our mission is to offer marketers a way that allows them to implement their wildest ideas themselves with an easy-to-use and efficient tool.



We aim to turn your black box data into clear, actionable insights



Build your customer experiences without having to use any code.


Improved customer experience

Our goal is to improve the customer experience of every visitor

Our story

We noticed that internet giants were growing because of one main factor: the ability to deliver extremely personalized customer experiences. Their success set expectations for other brands that are often struggling to keep up with the constant changes. Furthermore, marketers are expected to have more diverse skill sets than ever before.

Due to these rapid changes, Taglayer was born. Our aim is to enable all marketers to create the best customer experience possible, with an easy-to-use and effective tool that doesn’t involve any coding on their part. Not just on their website, but streamlined across all their different channels.

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