Our mission.

At Taglayer, we help you provide a unique experience to all your site's visitors. All of your visitors browse the internet differently. We make your web content relevant to each and every one of them, uniquely. More relevant web content means a better overall experience, more engagement and more conversions.

Our software lets your website adapt organically to each visitor in light of their browsing behaviour. With Taglayer, your site will adapt in real-time using cross-site browsing data. You can continue to update your content without the extra work of adapting the way it displays.

Taglayer helps you automatically display your updated content in an optimal way for each visitor. Reach more visitors. Get more conversions. Keep them coming back for more.

  • Personal: Web users have a lot of distractions online. They want to see the most relevant content.

  • Simple: Personalisation ought to be accessible to all websites. That's why we make sure our software is simple to use.

  • Private: Unlike other services, we guarantee privacy. We don't store your visitors' personal data. Privacy ought to be a basic right.