Maximize your return on engagement

Taglayer personalises your website for every visitor based on their interests, personality, demographics and much more.

How it works
Run personalisation campaigns to target specific groups of visitors. Get insights about who your web visitors are. Give custom recommendations to all your visitors.


Personalise your business website while using our easy to use online editor. Optimize images, texts or call to actions to the needs of every website visitor. Manage and measure your different layers in our dashboard.

  • One website, a million faces.
  • Visually edit your website, in just a few clicks.
  • Create goal funnels.
  • Easily create and track conversion events.

Visual editor

Change images, texts, and insert new elements by using the visual editor. There is no coding required.

Easy layer management

Create and manage multiple versions of your website with the personalisation overview.

Widgets & plugins

Insert new elements such as buttons, texts, images and forms to enrich your website's functionality.


Automatically show the right content to the right visitor at the right time. Our recommendation engine works with 8 different algorithms with the goal to increase your conversion. You can measure your conversion increase in our dashboard.


Get to know your audience better with Taglayer metrics. We analyze the behavior of your visitors and translate this behavior in meaningful insights like the personality or the interests of your visitors. Find out which companies are visiting your website to increase your sales effort.


Track the actions on your website that are meaningful to you.

Business visitors

Discover businesses who visit your website, and which pages they're looking for.


Better target your visitors by personalising based on the interests of your visitors.