Stay in touch with your audience by sending them personalized emails with personalized content at the right time. Our easy-to-use editor allows you to create high-converting email campaigns in no time.

Use email sequences

Build your email sequences with our tool and simply send out your campaigns with your own timings to your audience. Combine your mailing campaigns with other triggers in a journey, and create flawless customer experiences.

 journey with an email sequence

Use your saved audiences as email lists

Use the saved audiences you made directly in your email campaigns. No need to create separate lists anymore, just select what audience you want to reach and we’ll do the rest.

audience overview that’s used as an email list

Start from a template or create your own unique design

Designing or adapting your emails doesn’t involve any coding with our visual editor and allows everyone to create their own designs without any trouble. We offer templates that can be completely customized to your liking or enable everyone to make their own designs from scratch.

  Internet browser with the email editor

Deliver great experiences.

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