A/B Testing

Pull your visitors back to your website when they are visiting other websites by sending them browser push notifications. Deliver your messages straight to your audience’s notification center and increase your conversions in no time.

Compare different variations

Test different versions of an element on your website against each other to determine what version is generating the most conversions and is the most successful.

A/B test of two pop-ups and their performance

50/50 A/B tests

Simply split your audience into half and put each half through a different test version of your website element. Our tool will analyze their performance and give you a clear overview of the performance of both different versions.

 A/B test of two banners based on interests

Easy set-up

Don’t lose time trying to figure out all the technical stuff of A/B testing. Simply add the element you want to test to your journey and easily start running your own A/B tests.

Journey with A/B test

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