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Suzuki logo


Suzuki is a Japanese multinational car and motorcycle manufacturer that operates in more than 200 countries. It is one of the leading automotive co...

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De Boer & Partners  logo

De Boer & Partners

De Boer & Partners is a large real estate company with 17 offices in Belgium and a focus on high-end real estate.

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Perry Sport logo

Perry Sport

Perry Sport is a sports retail chain with 41 branches in The Netherlands and is part of JD Sports Fashion.

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ASAP Interim logo

ASAP Interim

ASAP is a fast-growing staffing company with over 80 offices in Belgium that was founded in 1979.

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Raaak Personeel logo

Raaak Personeel

Raaak is a recruitment agency that was founded in 2009 and is one of the fastest-growing companies in the recruitment industry nowadays. At the mom...

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Absolute jobs logo

Absolute jobs

Absolute Jobs wanted to be able to retarget job seekers that couldn’t find the vacancy they were looking for

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Konvert logo


Konvert is a Belgian temporary employment agency that has 80 offices all over the country. Their philosophy is to look for jobs for people rather t...

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Nobels logo


Nobels is a Belgian real estate agency that has sold more than 10.000 homes so far and has 7 offices. The agency specializes in selling and renting...

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Start People logo

Start People

Start People is a Belgian recruitment and staffing company that is part of RGF Staffing. The brand not only has more than 50 offices in Belgium, th...

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Televic logo


Televic is a Belgian innovative country that has offices all over the world. They operate in a very niche market, which makes the war on talent ver...

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Unique logo


Unique is a Belgian recruitment company that is an HR expert in multiple industries. They’re part of RGF Staffing and have more than 50 offices spr...

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Werktalent logo


WerkTalent Group is a Dutch recruitment company with 19 offices spread across the country. They strive to give their applicants a personal approach...

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Eminent Groep logo

Eminent Groep

Eminent Groep is a Dutch recruitment group with offices spread across 7 different cities in the country. They specialize in connecting technical ta...

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Go4Jobs  logo


Go4Jobs was established in 2012 by and for entrepreneurs. It is currently one of the fastest-growing companies in the recruitment industry. At the ...

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